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Rail Fencing

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Concrete Ranch Fencing

Looking to update your rotting wood fence?  Tired of fixing your delicate vinyl fence?  In the market for a fence that doesn’t require annual maintenance?  Arco Concrete’s new rail fencing offers all the solutions you are looking for and more. Spend more time enjoying your pleasing perimeter rather than avoiding the eyesore and inevitable chore.  

Let’s first look at what might be considered traditional fencing options:

Wood fencing…


·Heavy maintenance.


·Susceptible to termites.

·Gets chewed on by livestock.

·Fades quickly.


·Wears away with weed trimmer use.

·Deteriorates quickly when not properly maintained.

Did I mention it fades quickly??? While some meticulously maintained fences may last as long as 15 years the time and effort to keep them upright and looking new to newish is extremely high.  While wood fencing is by far the most traditional and seemingly low cost the annual upkeep adds up quickly.  When you include the cost of sealers, stains, paints, replacement pieces, and your time this is by far one of the most expensive and least economical options.  

Vinyl fencing…

·Can become brittle.


·Weak structural integrity.  If a lawnmower can knock it over its not structurally sound and not much of a barrier. I would also not recommend leaning against one.

·Cheap appearance.  Looks like plastic.  Things that look like plastic are generally not deemed to be of high quality.  

oExamples:  Leather vs plastic interior for cars.  Real tile vs vinyl flooring (aka linoleum). Glass wine glass vs plastic wine glass.  Wood furniture vs plastic furniture.

·Repairs can be expensive and happen often.  Don’t be surprised if you are forced to replace entire sections for proper repair rather than a rail or two.    

- The Solution -

Concrete Fencing…

·Concrete is extremely durable.  Arco’s mix design delivers over 5,000 PSI of strength. Will hold up to most lawnmowers and is great for leaning on.  

·Color is mixed into concrete.  Comes in White, Various browns, and grey.  

·Rebar reinforced for additional strength

·Most livestock hate the taste.  Termites are also not fans.  

·Extremely long life.  More economical over time.  

·No maintenance required.

·Will not warp.

·Will not rot.

·Will not splinter.

·Increased resale value.

·Looks Amazing!!!

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